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There are only two kinds of secrets. Those that you keep... and those that keep you.

Amidst a backdrop of politics, privilege and petty grievances rehearsals begrudgingly begin on a provincial am/dram production of the musical: Show Boat. Given little chance of ever succeeding, particularly when malicious forces are working against their efforts, many admit defeat. However, for those who remain, this collaboration unexpectedly becomes a catalyst. Undeterred by profound, personal and professional setbacks, slowly a sense of pride and purpose starts to take hold as some succeed in re-evaluating themselves, inciting reform and re-connecting with their community much to the contempt of others.

But no good deed goes unpunished. An age-old legacy is set on a collision course with the good people of Cobblebridge... curtesy of the not so good people. Spanning three generations, the brutality and atrocities inflicted by one family has known no bounds and their secrets are zealously hidden except the current descendants have been caught off guard. Their plans to have the town’s theatre demolished (unlocking covenanted ancestral wealth) have been derailed by the rising civic zeitgeist as have their many veiled attempts to sabotage the show's rehearsals. And now their past looks set to be exposed with the consequences being nothing short of devastating.

However, there remains one way to save themselves, one way to achieve all of their aims and keep all of the secrets that keep them… secret. All that is require is the distraction of the opening night and one last heinous act.

{Ep.1 is feature length and aimed to run at 80 mins. The remaining 4 episodes aim to run at 60 mins. Ep1, 2, 3 and 4 are complete - the 5th is close to completion but might be extended into a 6th}. Currently, I am seeking a Uk or US agent