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Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Genre: Workplace Drama

Status: Script Complete
61 Cent$

In middle-management level corporate America, two brilliant senior IT professionals grow weary of corporate injustices of the good ole boy network. When reports to HR are fruitless, they quit their corporate jobs, create a groundbreaking app that revolutionizes the market. Their old bosses take notice and devise a plan to take over the company.

Diana Person was born and raised in Southern California, that forced her to find her own way in life - fast. As a young and motivated teen, she landed a job as a Computer Support Technician, exactly what she needed, foot in the door – up the corporate ladder, a smooth road to success, or so she thought.

Andrea Simone Brewington. was born in Manhattan, New York, but raised in Kingston, Jamaica by a Southeast Asian Indian father, and an African descent mother. Jamaica is a huge melting pot of nationalities where the motto is “Out of Many, One People.”

Diana Person

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I'm a screenwriter living in Los Angeles and I'm submitting my logline here.

Logline: An all-American conservative criticizes the “hands off” movement set against a culture of misconduct, only to reconsider her stance after her own sexual assault.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hidden Revenge Saga of a NBA Superstar is a completed 181 page screen play that can’t be placed in just one genre. It is a multi-faceted book fitting into several categories such as Mystery, Crime/Suspense set in Philadelphia. This story is targeted for the adult fiction line. A rising NBA superstar, Jason “Big Game” Gilbert, from the ashes of North Philadelphia takes on his dream to bring a NBA title to the City of Philadelphia.

Before he sets his sights on making history he must deal with the tumultuous relationship he has with his fiancée Veronica Robinson. With her obsession for living the glamorous life and her manic need to control her NBA star, the relationship takes some twist and turns. The problem is that Veronica is not who Jason thinks she is.

This relationship was abnormal years before it started. There was Ronald Robinson the teen that was constantly terrorized by his school mates and neighborhood gangs because of his so-called feminine ways. Ironically the ring leader of these shenanigans was Jason Gilbert. Haunted by the past Ronald Robinson plans the ultimate revenge against Jason “Big Game” Gilbert by infiltrating his life in the most intimate way. Armed with primal obsession, Ronald becomes Ms. Veronica Robinson by having a sex reassignment surgery unbeknownst to Jason and literally destroys his world.

What makes my screenplay so unique from the rest is the twisted story line, the dramatic plots, intense characters, fast pace scenes, that makes this a very entertaining read. This screen play is more than just about sports but about revenge, obsession, greed, and mystery. My Screen Play is completed.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


‘Nathaniel Crow’, developed from an original idea is a poignant, often intense, supernatural drama spanning generations.

LOGLINE: ‘Two teenage girls become embroiled with supernatural forces, when they attempt to help young lovers
separated by betrayal, death and time’.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: What Lucy and Jess discover in the attic of the old Rectory will change their lives forever.
From that fateful day the despairing spirit of Nathaniel Crow, longing for his lost love Rose, haunts their steps.
The events that change Nathaniel’s life have tragic consequences for those closest to him, as his family
is ripped apart. Jess’s obsession with Nathaniel’s plight leads her down a sinister path from which there
may be no return. Can Lucy, torn between fear and determination, save their tormented souls?

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I currently have three screenplays written.One is a very unique comedy called "Are You Kidding' with scenes that in no way resemble anything seen before. Everything from the priest who uses a bathroom stall as a confession booth to Sponsored bullet proof vests that say Pats Wedding Planner. and Chucky cheese on them instead of POLICE becuase the town is so poor

Charity Starts At Home- is about a very successful surgeon who faces tragedy as he tries to save his wife and daughter after a car accident but can not. he quits his job and goes into seclusion til one day a little boy knocks on his door representing a certain charity. the doctor decides to turn his mansion sized house into housing for people in this particular charity. it deal with how the families interact with each other and a law suit between them and the doctors family after he is accidentally killed.

As Fate Would Have It- is a very emotional movie for teens and adults. it entails a high school girl who hears a beautiful violin playing one day coming from a homeless mute boy in front of a hardware store trying to make money. A friendship bonds as she sings with him every day. they become a international Youtube sensation but the comments and emotions become overwhelming for the girl.She has become an inspiration to every teen girl in the world. the emotions grow even higher after their tragic death.

Useless No More- Also a powerful drama dealing with a man in his 60's who has nothing to show for his life. No money, no friends, nothing. just an old loser who remembered what his mother said to him one day that his niche in life was to help people. he begins to respond to all police and emergency calls. The firemen, police and first responders become annoyed with him claiming he is in the way when really he isnt. They go to court to have him banned from responding. the movie ends when he saves a whole team of firemen and becomes a hero with a memorial service of all the rescue agencies present

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

My original screenplay, "Mr. Kingston," is a coming-of-age drama.

Logline: Favorite teacher Mr. Kingston is killed on a class trip and his 8th graders reunite ten years later to recount and discover how the violent incident influenced their lives both as 8th grade witnesses and as they grew into adulthood.

Synopsis: Beloved teacher JAMES KINGSTON was killed on the 8th grade class trip. Now ten years later, the school is being renamed after him and many of his former students, now 24 years old, reunite at the ceremony.
How their teacher influenced them as they became adults, and the story of what truly happened on that day are told through interviews and flashbacks.

CHUCK TOMLINSON – the jock with the frat boy mentality. He practically raped Bianca Tate on the class trip and hasn’t learned a thing in the past 10 years. Chuck attempts to finish what he started the night before the ceremony. He also hasn’t gotten over his inferiority complex about Andre Collins, the true alpha male of the class.

BIANCA TATE – the girl-next-door who arguably was raped by Chuck, using advice from Mr. Kingston, gets her personal redemption on prom night. Bianca finally realizes the perfect guy for her was there all along.

RUSSELL BENSON – the mensch of the class. Russell pined for Bianca his whole life and was a doormat for Chuck. Mr. Kingston’s wisdom allows Russell to ultimately stand up to Chuck and win over Bianca the night before the ceremony. (Russell is Marty McFly to Chuck’s Biff.)

NELSON RIBIERO – the nerdy artist. It’s Nelson’s quick sketch that helped convict the killer. Nelson is intimidated by Mr. Kingston, but it is Mr. Kingston that inspires Nelson to create his most important and meaningful sketch of all.

SHANA LEMON – the introvert who is constantly bullied by Bailey Ryder. She is the main witness to Mr. Kingston’s death in the convenience store. Mr. Kingston is the one who motivates Shana to confront Bailey and make her powerless.

BAILEY RYDER – the popular mean girl. Bailey is just a ***** and is relentless in her bullying of Shana. Hours before his death, Mr. Kingston makes Bailey realize how easy it is to switch her role and to not only cease being Shana’s tormentor, but become her protector and best friend.

SASHA FAULKNER – disappears after the trip, only to reappear ten years later at the ceremony. Sasha has spent the past ten years riddled with guilt that the whole thing was her fault since it was her request that prompted Mr. Kingston to go into the convenience store.

SADIE QUINN, former beauty pageant contestant, now gender fluid musician, stirs the pot as a connection between all of the former classmates. Sadie is Nelson’s guardian angel and Chuck’s nemesis.

MIKAYLA SANCHEZ – the valedictorian. Mikayla’s high school graduation speech is what prompted the idea of renaming the school after Mr. Kingston. Mikayla also witnesses Mr. Kingston die and now as a med student, her goal in life is to “stop the blood.” Mikayla and Andre share an unknown crush on each other that finally gets realized after the dedication ceremony.

ANDRE COLLINS – superstar both on and off the baseball field. Andre, now a second baseman for the SCRANTON/WILKES-BARRE RAILRIDERS, was abandoned and beaten as a child. Mr. Kingston took him in as his own. Their ultimate bonding happens at the tense moment when Andre’s father shows up at school to take him back, the standoff between Mr. Kingston and Andre’s father, and the ultimate decision by Andre to stay with Mr. Kingston.

SHEREE KINGSTON- widow of Mr. Kingston, VIVIENNE KINGSTON his daughter born after his death, and his now 16-yo son, JAMES KINGSTON, JR. Their powerful speeches and recollections move the audience emotionally.

TOM BRADY, the convicted killer, tells his side of the incident. Along with his devoted mom BRENDA KRENCHIKI, his absentee dad, TOM BRADY, SR., and the owners of the convenience store where it happened, ABAN and NIRALI MIAN, we learn that even in his last living moments, Mr. Kingston was able to inspire.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Logline: Doc Faustus - A Supernatural Teen Comedy - Sometimes High School Can Be Hell.

The film is set in 1984 and Doc Faustus is the most awkward and bullied teen at Hope High until he meets the demon Mephistopheles and sells his soul in exchange for knowledge and fame. When Doc learns that his actions have turned the school upside-down and endangered his friends, he fights to reverse the curse by learning to love himself and others. Logline: Sometimes High School Can Be Hell.

Adapted comedically from the Marlowe stage tragedy, this adventure was also inspired by the classic John Hughes films of the 1980's.

Please advise if you'd like to see the script.



Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have full-length comedy screenplay. 123 pages, registered with WGAW.

BlackFish // Must Read Thriller

I hope this finds you well. I’m writing because I have an audacious, edge of your seat, cultural awareness thriller that I think will kill the box office and have the world talking.

"Cheyenne was merely a child when her father revealed an unforeseen interracial love affair that tears his family apart. Left to be raise by her bitter, alcoholic mother she feels unloved, lonely and misunderstood. Finding solace in African American culture turns into an obsession and the fine line between normal and psychotic begin to blur."

It’s a “Get Out” Meets a Less Comical “Malibu’s Most Wanted” Film

Would love to have you take a look.
Thank you for accepting unsolicited material, the community appreciates you.

- Mia Miller

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Multi-Award winning screenwriter with multiple script genres seeking finance and production. To review my catalogue go to:


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Logline for PARADISE ALL-INCLUSIVE a romantic comedy screenplay by Stanley Bennett Clay WGAe 323-200-4861

A beautiful Harvard Law School brainiac wins a trip for two to the Paradise All-Inclusive Resort in The Dominican Republic. When she catches her boyfriend cheating on her, she breaks up with him, takes her best girlfriend to the resort instead, and sours on love, until... A congressman is not happy that his pampered gay son marries a ‘low-life’ bartender. So, when near-tragedy visits the newly-weds during their honeymoon at Paradise All-Inclusive, the congressman flies into a rage that could threaten this new marriage. And a loving, adventurous senior couple, former hippies, return to the resort to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, in spite of the grim realities that loom over them. The romantic adventures of these three couples intertwine in this romantic tale of love's triumphs and challenges under a tropical sky.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi there! My name is Cody Baron and I am a new screenwriter currently being represented by Core Literary Inc. I have written a feature length horror screenplay, "Con****ed", that I am currently in the middle of the struggle to try and get produced. I am trying to get it in front of that right person who can help bring it to life. I think that it would be something that a lot of people would be really interested in. I would describe it is a refreshingly original horror story with the chills of The Amityville Horror and the laughs of The Evil Dead. It has made its way around the festival circuit and won top writing awards at the Festigious International Film Festival, the Los Angeles Film Awards, the New York Film Awards and recently won Best Screenplay at the Chatham-Kent International Film Festival. I would really like to take the next step and ultimately get my screenplay produced. Here is the logline for it.

"This old house has a dark past and the past is far from over. When newlyweds, Jack and Sarah Moore, move in expecting it to be their dream home they soon find out that it is a living nightmare. Now they are stuck in a fight for their survival against an evil force they could never have imagined."

If you would be at all interested I would be more than happy to send you the script or a synopsis of it. I would to hear what you think of it. Or if you would be at all able to let me know who I need to send it to or who I should reach out to that would be beyond amazing. Thanks so much!

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I hope the new year is treating you well. Here are the loglines for three scripts that I have recently finished writing with my brother, they were all high-scored on The Black List. If you have further interest, let me know and I can send over the PDF versions of the scripts.

Genre: Horror/Thriller

THE LAGOON: After a deadly tsunami crashes in Thailand, a woman and three other survivors are forced to fight for their lives when they end up trapped in a place that holds something far more terrifying. (Two giant salt water crocodiles)

Tone: "The Impossible meets The Shallows”

KINDRED: Set on the American frontier: A young man struggles to save his family during the 1800s when his father is taken over by a terrible curse on The Oregon Trail. (Werewolf story)

Tone:”The Witch meets Predator"

THE DEN : When a group of friends rob a small town raffle in rural Montana, the ensuing police pursuit leaves them trapped in a cave with a much graver threat: Two slumbering grizzly bears.

Tone: "The Descent meets Don’t Breathe"

(The Den is currently Top Listed on The Black List, I'm based out in LA looking for the right home for these projects.)


Cody James Ong

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Slugline: An emotionally unstable painter, fueled by the adulation of social media, plays cat-and-mouse with a relentless detective investigating a series of ghoulish murders.

A series of ghoulish murders places an emotionally unstable painter at odds with a relentless and brutish detective.

Inspired by death and gore, a gifted painter uses social media recruits to provide fresh subject matter

Genre: Drama, Crime Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Crime Thriller, Detective Film, Psychological Thriller.

Tags: Trauma, Shootout, Violence, Antihero, Artist, Bartender, Criminal, Detective, Lawyer, Police, Widow/Widower, Gun violence, Murder/Murderers, Serial Killers, Underground Fighting, /Surprise Ending, Body Horror, Alcoholism, Pursuit, Flashback, Parallel Storylines, Cemetery, Coffee Shop, Home/House, Hospital, Hotel/Inn, Mall, Restaurant/Bar, Warehouse / Factory, Art/art world, Law Enforcement, Fight Club, Social Commentary, Desperation, Mind Games, Rated PG-13, Boss-Employee, Coworkers, Siblings/Siblinghood, Social Media, Roads/Highways, Urban, Film Noir, Aging, Alienation, Ambition, Death/Grief, Deception, Empowerment, Identity/Individuality, Struggle, Present Day, Indie, Murder Mystery/Whodunit, Villain, Murderer.


Stanley Tobias is a gifted but tormented painter. His insatiable need for success is undermined by his constant struggle for inspiration. He is leaving a gallery where his portfolio has just been rejected by Adrian Brody, gallery curator, and patronizing online art critic when he witnesses Detective Mac McCormick, with three citations for valor and five uncorroborated allegations of excessive force, brutally beat a would-be carjacker to a pulp. The attack so moves Tobias that he paints his best work ever. Titled “The Encounter”, the piece depicts a brutish assailant towering over his battered victim lying unconscious in a pool of blood. Tobias’ sister Mischel considers the painting a masterpiece. Using Nemesis, his online avatar, Tobias posts the painting online where it is soon trending and amassing followers and likes.

When Brody posts a disparaging critique of “The Encounter”, Tobias becomes enraged suggesting that Brody be confronted. Michel disagrees citing Brody’s thousands of followers. Their bickering ends when renown art buyer, Li Tan, Curators International, offers the buy “The Encounter”.

Cybercrime Officer, Detective Kate Reid spots “The Encounter” on an art enthusiast Website. Recognizing both Mac and the John Doe lying in ICU, she brings the painting to the attention of her boss, Captain Edmond Dowd. When confronted with the painting, Mac plays dumb but his scuffed knuckles betray him. Hoping he will back up self-defense, Dowd orders Mac and Reid to track down Nemesis before Internal Affairs gets wind of the painting and Mac loses his shield just weeks before his retirement.

Seeking links to Nemesis, Reid reviews Mac's personnel file only to find a twenty-year-old mystery - wreckage at the bottom of a ravine, a dead wife, and a missing child - Alexa. At dinner with Michel and Tan celebrating the sale of “The Encounter”, Tobias reveals his fear that the painting is a fluke. Tan reminds him that Art is pain.

When Mac is recognized as the thug in “The Encounter”, he is persuaded to return to the gallery in search of Nemesis only to discover Brody's mutilated body and Tobias in retreat. Mac arrests Tobias, but fearing the optics in the media, Dowd assigns the case to Reid. Mac fumes.

Virgil Hickman, a local farmworker, discovers his drivers-side window smashed and his cell phone missing.

Tobias is interrogated before Dowd has him released for lack of physical evidence. Mac discovers Reid with Alexa’s evidence box. Reid convinces Mac to let her take a second look at the evidence. Nemesis posts a grotesque depiction of the Brody crime scene entitled “The Critique”. Tan buys it for $250,000.00. Stanley's online fame ignites.

Seeking leads in the Brody murder, Mac and Reid attend a fetish festival, Freakshow Friday, where Michel narrowly averts a confrontation between Mac and Tobias. Reid dives into the Alexa missing person case.

Mac is called to the scene of a fire while Reid begins her search for Alexa. A homeless man has been set ablaze. His assailant, Gerard Sorenson, a feeble-minded refugee from a group home, suffering third-degree burns and murmuring gibberish about an ‘inspired artist’, dies in ICU.

When a smash and grab gang is busted, Hickman’s phone is found and discovered to contain encrypted text from the ‘inspired artist’. Hickman is swatted and arrested. Mac threatens to quit if not allowed to interrogate Hickman. It’s a drop mic moment when Hickman points out the obvious - thousands received the ‘inspired artist’ text. Mac is spanked. Somebody out there is recruiting doers for Tobias using an anonymous chat app and paying them in funny money? Mac laments

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello, if you would like to see a copy of my screenplay, you can contact me via email.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a brand new Super Femme script. Where the lead female has super powers. The pitch is Super hero Fource meets Wonder Woman.

A young female is dupped into taking on aliens as they fight global warming on their planet.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have original screenplays completed, and in development.
Pilots for original TV series also in development.
Talented and passionate storyteller, eager to work.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

In response to your request, I would like to forward you Log Lines from five screenplays I have written. For your kind consideration.

“A Robin Hood Christmas”

A cross between “Robin Hood” and “Scrooge”.

Logline: Three small town teens, their leader a run-away orphan, buy gifts for the needy with an “illicit” credit card and have them sent anonymously.

“Where Was I (When I Was Where I Was)”

Logline: It’s hard to stay in your own world, when all these other worlds keep
taking you for a ride. Hence, the simple innocent meets the fantastic. Our hero gets
unwittingly zapped with the ability to travel to “other worlds”, which makes him feel, he must right himself quickly for his own peace of mind, as well that, malevolent forces seek to usurp this power from him for their own evil gains.

“Spy Wars”:

Attempting to conquer via revenge, hence getting
others to destroy themselves.

An unknown entity in an attempt to obtain power, assassinates various competing spies. A theory that one will blame the other and seek revenge, thus creating a spy war.

“The Last Great Sales Convention”: (a Comedy)

Log Line - A simple yet profound mix-up of matching suitcases, one with stolen U.S. Military contraband,
the other with women’s underwear, thereupon spreading further complications in its wake.

Synosis/synopses &/or completed registered script can be received upon request.

My work has been produced on the Hollywood Stage. Also: I have been Head Writer
for an Educational Video Series, have been a Screenwriting Scholarship Recipient at
20th Century Fox, B.A. Theatre Arts.

Charles Jose Noriega
4007 Portola Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi, I have written a book inspired by the Wolf of Wall street and the Sting. Essentially the stock markets are manipulated by fake news and the use of financial instruments makes a lot of money. It would make a great film.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays





Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I would like to submit our feature-length screenplay, Hell Is Other People, for your consideration. It is a minimalistic pressure cooker about homeless advocacy in Los Angeles.
Logline: Five eccentric, formerly homeless Los Angeles misfits forge a unique friendship and mission and become advocates for the homeless community, and along the way they each learn what it means to find a home.
Please let me know if you would to read the synopsis and screenplay. Thank you.

Anthony Mark Happel

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello there,
Please take a look at the log line below.
Discovery of fifty two stalae in a sacred Mayan chamber reveal the future of Mankind which comes with the horrendous self destruction, but there is hope; it is Beyond Atlantis.
The synopses and the scripts are ready, and the scripts are adapted from my published novels, “Children of the Sun Beneath the Centuries” published in June of 2006 in the USA. ISBN: 0-9778205-1-3, and “Children of the Sun Beyond Atlantis” published April of 2012 in Turkey, ISBN: 978-605-87309-5-3.
I have readied alternative scripts for:
• Five part feature movie scripts.
• A shorter, two feature movie scripts--story begins differently, ends the same way.
• Fourteen episode TV series scripts.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Ali Ataman

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

KITCHENWERKE is an innovative, open minded resource for content including four complete original registered screenplays with several more in the works. Rewrites and adaptations are welcome. Please visit our website for details.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

In this regards, allow me to offer Log Lines from four screenplays I have written, for your kind consideration.

“A Robin Hood Christmas”

A cross between “Robin Hood” and “Scrooge”.

Logline: Three small town teens, their leader a run-away orphan, buy gifts for the needy with an “illicit” credit card and have them sent anonymously.

“Where Was I (When I Was Where I Was)”

Logline: It’s hard to stay in your own world, when all these other worlds keep
taking you for a ride. Hence, the simple innocent meets the fantastic. Our hero gets
unwittingly zapped with the ability to travel to “other worlds”, which makes him feel, he must right himself quickly for his own peace of mind, as well that, malevolent forces seek to usurp this power from him for their own evil gains.

“Spy Wars”:

Attempting to conquer via revenge, hence getting
others to destroy themselves.

An unknown entity in an attempt to obtain power, assassinates various competing spies. A theory that one will blame the other and seek revenge, thus creating a spy war.

“The Last Great Sales Convention”: (a Comedy)

Log Line - A simple yet profound mix-up of matching suitcases, one with stolen U.S. Military contraband,
the other with women’s underwear, thereupon spreading further complications in its wake.

Synosis/synopses &/or completed registered script can be received upon request.

My work has been produced on the Hollywood Stage. Also: I have been Head Writer
for an Educational Video Series, have been a Screenwriting Scholarship Recipient at
20th Century Fox, B.A. Theatre Arts.

Charles Jose Noriega
4007 Portola Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Helllo,I have written a full length screen play I wanted to know if you would consider reading.Chill hill an nursing home comedy set in modern day time.a recently retired couple decide they want something to do when they retired.hurriedly rushed into the business without even telling their two twin daughters.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Dear director of developments,

I wish to submit my feature length action screenplays "Town of Guilt" to you for consideration.

Town of Guilt:-A contract killer returns to his old habits when a rescue operation makes him loose his best friend.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you'd like to read the scripts. I'll send you a copy immediately.

Best Regards

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

The book became a documentary. The documentary got picked up by Netflix, PBS and Amazon Prime. The story became a movie script. True story. World War Two. Augusta Chiwy was a Belgian nurse who volunteered to risk her life treating badly wounded American soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge. She formed a dynamic working partnership with a white American doctor from Vermont that endured for 75 years. Her story remained unknown until a British military historian discovered it and campaigned to get her the recognition she deserved. The Belgian king awarded her the highest honor and a documentary about her courage won an American Emmy. Her character appeared briefly in the TV series "Band of Brothers".The script is ready.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi there, I have multiple feature length action screenplays. Here is the log line for of them

Town of Guilt:-
A contract killer returns to his alter ego when a rescue operation makes him loose his best friend.

If you'd like to read the script, please let me know and I'll send you a copy.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Will Schmitz
P.O. Box 272
Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795

Here's a features resume. I also have seven shorts: "The Devil" is an adaptation of the De
Maupassant story in which a cheap businessman with a dying mother, under the direction of the
local doctor, has to hire someone to "watch over" the dying woman. The businessman wants to
pay as little as possible, the woman he hires, equally flintly, wants to make as much as possible.
The hireling frightens the dying woman to death to get more money‑‑after which she placidly
goes about making the funeral arrangements.

"Cartoon" is about a crazy‑lady neighbor who, under the influence of prescription drugs, feels
talented and creative. He long‑suffering husband is ordered to leave the house to buy cat food.
While he's gone, a hapless vacuum cleaner salesman comes to demonstrate his latest model. She
drugs his coffee and begins abusing him‑‑is on the verge of doing the man strange and fatal harm
when the husband comes home, sans cat food, and becomes the victim of her
derangement instead.

"The Man Who Killed the Devil." A middle class man who conjures in his basement manages to
summon up Mr. Scratch. The man makes a modest deal, thinking to test the repercussions. He
wants his good‑looking but slow‑witted teenaged daughter's intelligence amplified. Although a
modest deal, the devil collects full measure.

"Hotel" six to eight minutes of strangeness set in one room with a cast of three.

“Card Game” is a suicide card game in which the loser of the last hand has to find some other way to end existence.

“Next Up” is about a ‘wannabe’ who finds himself zapped into an unexpected next state of being. Twist ending.

"I Bug, But Not Bee." Three bugs try to defend Pascal's greatness while hacking away at
Descartes‑‑tho they lose control about what they're talking about.

I also have a one act play, A Fake Novel in the Life of Rimbaud, and a monologue spoken by
Sam Johnson.



Blue House
A group of investors out to manufacture a career for a Bardot
like nymphet are foiled in their plans by the roguish brother
of the producer.

Just Friends
A hellcat heiress with a fiendish family suckers a softie into
marrying her so she can inherit a fortune.

Divided & Conquered
Two screwy scientists amplifying the intelligence of primates get
involved with a pair of women who monkey with their research.

A Day On Avalon
A group of well set middle aged men sneak away for a fun weekend
without the wives but are caught.

No Honeymoon
A 'blocked' movie score composer drags his agent through a series
of misadventures while trying to relocate the muse.

Vapor light
A ringer is sent to a microelectronics convention and is pursued by
interested parties for the secret of his invention.

9 ½ Weeks meets After Hours as a toy designer finds himself
involved with two women who do things with his body that it's never had
done to it before.

Dead Soles
Los Angeles burns down. Very moving.

The Live Death Network
Satire of television programming ala 'Network', but funnier.

Damage Control
Parody of popular genre films.


In the Passionate Dust
A twisted post‑adolescent Californian poisoned by the decadent
atmosphere of his environment loses himself.
Nightmare Street
A 20th century witch lures the youth who is to become another Henry Ford
into her home so that she can destroy him.

House of the Dead
A juxtaposition of 'kill the poor' and 'eat the rich' points of view set
in the serene countryside.

Seamy Valley Daze
Teen thieves intercept a diamond heist and try to keep the take.

Wheel of Fire
High school wrestling in Iowa ala 'Hoosiers'.

The Far Field
Graduation day in a small Iowa farm town in the mid‑70's.

The Man Who Became a Woman
Adaptation of the Sherwood Anderson short story.

Adaptation of the Joseph Conrad short story.

The Bohemian Girl
Adaptation of the Willa Cather short story.

Shakespeare's Richard III
The backyard, Richard III as Homer Simpson, version of this
once great piece of literature.

The Lost World of Willis O'Brien
Biographical script based on the inventor of stop‑motion animation,
most famous for King Kong

Based on the Theodore Dreiser short story.

South of the Slot
Based on the story by Jack London.

Friend of the Devil
The Devil bites off his thumb, turns it into a femme fatal and sends her
to earth.

Killer Clucks
A government science experiment spawns a dangerous freak.

Out for A Bite
Vampires run a home for runaways.

The Feed
Vampire clans try to get off blood and end up slaughtering one

Raw Recruits
A creature that needs to feed its young living victims
injects them with a fluid that makes dying pleasurable.

Planet of the Zombies
Aliens stranded on Earth find human

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


Hope you are well.

I’ve got a blood-curdling mystery thriller called The Wallet.

‘When a man returns a wallet, he becomes subject to torment, is accused of murder, instigates the re-opening of a cold case, and partners up with an evil entity from a Parallel Zone who tries to sabotage the investigation.’

It’s ‘Mary’ meets ‘Delirium’ and ‘The Crow’.

I would love to have you take a look at the screenplay.
Thanks in advance and let me know.

Best regards,
Patricia Shannon

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Dear Producer, I have recommended full feature film scripts in genres: War, Action, Horror and Drama.
Here are some log lines and I will gladly send you a script or more, if they interest you.
Happy to sign release forms. Many thanks for your time and consideration.

Breaking Tom - Drama 95 minutes. Queensland based. (Also as a novel, 71,500 words.) Log Line: A resourceful 17 year-old has his mum walk off the property and his dad drown. He escapes slavery from a “kind” helper, defeats a land grabber and catches up with his persecutor.

Tom Hartleys War - A Withoutabox winner 99 minutes of fast paced Action. Low/Medium Budget
Log Line: A determined young soldier plus three mates and two pretty girls escape fallen Singapore to get vital Japanese war plans to Australia through 3,000 miles of jungle and stormy seas causing mayhem en route.

Devil’s Breed: Horror. 94 minutes. Audience: 15+ worldwide. High Concept. Low Budget
Log Line: Two young city slickers find their remote hideout farm is surrounded by a Satanic cult and must outwit the Devilish Cult leader and his Witch to survive sacrifice and other horrors.

Where’s My Boy. Action/Thriller PG 107 minutes. Audience: Worldwide
Log Line: A tough impulsive mercenary hunts the predatory slave trader who has snatched his young nephew before he disappears forever. Mum, ex S.A.S., joins in. (High Concept)

Best wishes, Michael Faunce-Brown mrfbrown@hotmail.com

Recommends from Wescreenplay.com

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

G'Day Travis, I have recommended screenplays in genres: Action, War, Thriller and Horror.
If you haven't been swamped by enquiries, please contact me, if of interest.
I am an ex soldier so my Action is authentic. I can't say the Horror script stems fromm experience!
Best, Michael

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have recommended full feature scripts. Please respond briefly if interested. You were timed out.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Carol Teegardin

Hi Guys!

Hope you’re having a great day. My name’s Carol Teegardin. I’m a former Detroit business reporter and high school English teacher gone mad in San Diego with a bug for writing screenplays. I did pen a successful book about Detroit’s wayward, imprisoned Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and it’s theatrical adaption, which ran for several sold out weeks. Now, I’m interested in fiction. Below is a pitch for Snowbird, my finished, made-for-streaming script in the Horror genre. (Okay, maybe some of it’s based personal experiences!)

Pitch for Snowbird:

A reporter looking for her missing brother uncovers a grisly murder scene at the Paradise Trailer Park deep in the Florida Everglades. Swinging seniors enjoying a hot tub party suddenly drop dead. Another old-timer is given Viagra-laced drinks as his wife is murdered and taken out on a stretcher. The psycho hatchet-wielding park owner is the obvious suspect, but the reporter uncovers a sinister chain of events bigger than both of them.

So, that’s it. Thanks so much! Reach me any way you want below, and PS., if you don’t want the script hire me as a writer or an editor. I want to stay in LaLa Land and I’d be a great addition to your company.

7586 Saranac Avenue, San Diego, CA., 91942

Low budget full feature script seeking a successful producer/Director

Breaking Tom - Drama 95 minutes. Queensland based. (Also as a novel, 71,500 words.) Log Line: A resourceful 17 year-old has his mum walk off the property and his dad drown. He escapes slavery from a “kind” helper, defeats a land grabber and catches up with his persecutor.

Screenplay Query

Hi Dear!
I am a professional violinist and composer. In 1998 I released a CD titled “Gypsy Spirit” which features my original compositions. I used my music to produce stage shows with various dance companies across Canada. In 2017 I added a libretto to the Musical dance productions of “Gypsy Spirit” and now have completed a Musical Dance film script titled “Gypsy Spirit.”
Please find a short pitch below for your review.

Title: Gypsy Spirit

Genre: Magical realism, Music Dance, Comedy-Drama.

Log Line: Cursed to perpetually wander, a group of present-day Russian Gypsies summon the spirit of an ancient Persian King to remove his curse.

Pitch: Through the magical powers of a Gypsy psychic, King Bahram V of ancient Persia is conjured from 1600 years in the past. He reveals the Indian origin of the Gypsies and why he cursed them to wander around the World. The Gypsies beg King Bahram V for forgiveness, and entreat him to release them from his curse. The Persian King is intrigued by the modern world and decides to remain in the present travelling with the Gypsies. An unexpected love story plays out between a Russian Gypsy girl and an outsider culminating in an impromptu wedding.

Twelve original musical compositions for violin intersperse the action. These are written in a classical Gypsy-style typical of the dances and songs of Gypsies living in Russia during the 20th century.

Please indicate whether “Gypsy Spirit” has piqued your interest. If so, I am willing to send you my screenplay via email, along with audio samples of my music.
However, if this production is not of interest to you, kindly refer me to a producer who might see the potential in such a production.

I can be contacted via email, phone or post at your earliest convenience.

Warm Regards,
Serguei Tchepournov

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a horror comedy with excellent coverage. "Oh Deer" - When killer zombie deer unleash a hilarious reign of terror on a small town, an underachieving Park Ranger, her enthusiastic trainee and a college veterinarian student must step up and defend the townspeople before they become the endangered species.

Re: Who's Courageous Enough?

Show me!

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I am a Full Professor at the School of Artsand Sciences of Ilia State University (Tbilisi, Georgia).  I'm a PROpublished screenwriter and a winner of a few contests. IMDb link https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3700950/ I don't have an agent at this moment. Myscripts and plays were produced in Georgia, Europe and USA. I've done a fewawarded educational and political documentaries at BBC TV.  My full length drama screenplay “Butterfliesin the wind” was filmed by Cinema Classic (Hollywood). It was introduced to theCannes market. It also was invited to Ava Gardner Film festival in 2007September.
I offer you BACK TO LIFE.TIME       - ModernLOCATION      - Georgia, USA LOG LINE - The script is abouta Caucasian mummy, who wakes up in the laboratory in USA.MESSAGE    - Human are always the same, time and spacedifference is not important.GENRE   - HIGH CONCEPT Creative Comedy. The main hero is a veryunusual person Zevakh -a mummy who awakes after millenniums. He respects allmodern values. He doesn't understand life without love and he returns into lifeonly with love. The script begins with asmall piece of period in “Uplistikhe” - "the lord's fortress", whichis an amazing ancient rock-hewn town in Georgia, built on a high rocky bank ofthe river. In ancient period this city had a theater.  The performance is at atheater. The young actor about 30 (Zevakh) wears a caricature mask of Cesar,and dressed in a Roman-style tunic. He notices Romans watching him whisperingsomething to each other. He quickly leaves the scene and sprints through thestreets with a large leather satchel around his neck. Three men in Romanuniforms are in hot pursuit…  Zevakh isslowed by the sand. He leans back. The night is coming on. He closes his eyes.The wind comes up, the sand begins to shift and drift over him... Night falls.The ages pass. A young Americananthropologist – Nancy accidentally finds a mummy in Caucasian Georgia andtakes him to USA. As a result of her and her nurse’s mistakes the mummy(Zevakh) awakes up at the lab.  Nancy takes Zevakh to herhome and helps him to integrate into the modern life teaching him almosteverything including English. She takes care of Zevakh, which assumes thatNancy loves him. Nancy wants a Noble prize, but she has to find out what reallyhappened. Nancy’s colleague John is jealous and actively opposes her.  The journalists spreaddifferent kind of information about Zevakh and his origin. Italian mafia learnsfrom the press that Zevakh knows the ancient drug preparation methods, and theyhunt Zevakh.   Zevakh learns from Nancy’sbothersome and naive neighbors that Nancy is not in love with him, but she hasjust a professional interest. He leaves Nancy’s flat, meets many new people andnew situations, has a few funny adventures. Finally Italians take him toGeorgia in order to find the right plants and ingredients for the drugs. Theythreatened to kill Nancy, and Zevakh plays his first role after ages... butthis game ends unexpectedly.  The script has the surprisingtwist: the begging and the end are the two sides of one coin.   This is a commercialscreenplay with elements of art criteria. Project must be filmed in USA and Caucasian Georgia.  Concerning the filming in Georgia – it isfree from taxes. This country is a perfect locations with 5 Geographical zoneswith snow peaks of the Caucasus and alpine landscapes, amazing sea beaches,deserts and subtropics, caves and cities in the rocks and natural caverns, bluelakes and mountain rivers, with European and oriental cities plus verysupportive and talented local actors and crews.  The script has the surprisingtwist: the beginning and the end are the two sides of one coin.  This is a low/middle budgetcommercial screenplay with elements of art criteria.  FREE LOCATIONS and thecheapest filming are available in Georgia (5 geographical zones available insmall region) – with the highest International standards of course. Filming inGeorgia (http://filmingeorgiatoday.com/)is free from taxes and with a very supportive local crew.  "BACK TO LIFE" byProfessor Tamar Makharoblidze will successfully satisfy any marketing demands.It will be entertaining with a low cost of production.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  MGM  AUTOR 2006.07.12.(© WGA  REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1110331 DATE 1/31/200611:46:39 pm)
Looking forward to hearing from you.Best regards, prof. Tamar Makharoblidze

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello my name is Jimmy...

I am a screenwriter and to date I've created 17 titles (mainly dark comedy, suspense/thriller, horror and supernatural/fantasy) I have 12 movies, 4 TV shows each with multiple seasons and 1 miniseries but I'm just getting started!! If you are seriously looking for scripts please know I am ready, all scripts & ideas are not only fresh but original. 561-894-8343 Jimmy Duhs (Pronounced Deuce)

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I have a grounded sci-fi/drama screenplay that was a recent PAGE awards finalist and wondered if you'd be interested in taking a look.


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi, I hope my sci-fi Planet X might be of interest:
A planetary consortium is about to call time on the failed rehabilitation project it founded on Earth several thousand years ago. Two brothers, separated by space, try to convince their authorities that the 8 billion humans deserve one last chance.
I hope to hear from you.
Kindest regards,

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Title 'Still Life With Bees'

Logline: After selling his business to an American company, Jack Brandt copes with cancer recovery and semi-retirement by becoming a beekeeper in the foothills of Southern Alberta. The story follows Jack through a beekeeping season as he and the bees intersect in ways that help him cope with family life and business challenges.

I wrote this screenplay as a writing exercise a few years ago. It's been on the shelf since then, but I'd love to see it turned into a movie.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello my name is Jimmy...

I am a screenwriter and to date I've created 17 titles (mainly dark comedy, suspense/thriller, horror and supernatural/fantasy) I have 12 movies, 4 TV shows each with multiple seasons and 1 miniseries but I'm just getting started!! If you are seriously looking for scripts please know I am ready, all scripts & ideas are not only fresh but original. 561-894-8343 Jimmy Duhs (Pronounced Deuce)

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

My screenplays are posted on network.isa.org

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

My screenplays are available at network.isa.org

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

A true story that will change American History. Exposing it for the lie that it is.Never before was The American public ready for the truth.The Brown Red Black true American Story.
My familycame here in1576 I have documentation on all of my characters. How the people of color Eon the American Revolution
.Private Spanish land grant 2760000 Acres. Some one in my family has been in every War here in americaAll officers mayors etc. Many historical fogures will be included. And tell the true American history story. It has been being writen for over 60 yrs. Some of the actual events include The American Revolution Won at the Battle of Pensacola florida.When Spanish,french , Native Americans,And Black soldiers won the Revolution.
America steals spanish and native American land.The civil war.The Alamo,The long Walk. the desamation of the buffalo kill off indians food supply.Billy the kidd.The new slave. Individuals..... My Family One being one of the Tge 4th familyrecorder by ponce deleon to reconques after driven out by pope. the american revolution General Galvez George washington The Antonio Sedillo land grant Personal from King of Spain 276000 Acres Supreme Court Acknollaged 860000 Only to loosevthe land . The Comanche Chiracawa.Geronimo The long walk. Billy the kid my grt grt is listed in the real true life story of billy the kidd.By Pat Garrett 2 times
He also trained the Buffalo soldiers lincoln co.NM The New slaves Inticed out of NM and beat murdered in the White Gold Industry.Sugar. This Book will have Block buster success.It Must be revealed Every person of color will want to see this Major Motion Picture... Ron Sedillos

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Please email me if of interest.



Two Evils Meet, Yawm Jamiil.

TWO EVILS MEET. One hundred and twenty eight pages. Suspense. This is a story about the President of the USA and the President of Russia. Due to their pride and stubborn behavior concerning military matters, both their countries are on the brink of a nuclear war. However, the two Presidents are captured by a secret organization and taken to an underground base in Papua New Guinea to settle their differences. With failed attempts, the two Presidents are made to fight it out among themselves.

YAWM JAMIIL(Beautiful Day). One hundred and forty seven pages. Adventure Drama. At a time where there is uncertainty in the world, terrorism, nuclear build up and wars in parts of the middle east, I believe this screenplay is suited for our times. Yawm Jamiil is a story about true human love. Situated in the outskirts of Dubai and Oman.
A local in his early fifties, is making his way back to his camel farm. He findes a young English boy laying on the sand suffering from dehydration. The local Hedaia, takes him back to his shack and cares for him. As the boy is also suffering from amnesia and can not remember his name, Hedaia gives him a new name after the day itself, Yawm Jamiil(Beautiful Day). The two develop a close relationship. However, Hedaia is informed by a good friend that a husband and wife and the young boy were out sightseeing in the desert and their four wheel drive had broken down. The couple died of dehydration. As the search for the boy intensifies, Hedaia quickly sells his possessions and takes the boy with him to his cousin's farm in Oman, on the outskirts of Muscat. There they develop a father and son bonding.
Years later with false documents, Yawm Jamiil is off to oxford University where he meets the love of his life Andrea. As they are making wedding arrangements, Hedaia after many years has been taken into custody in the prison of Muscat for the Kidnapping of Yawm Jamiil.
The story ends well but has a twist that will make the audience cry.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi Travis, please contact me if still wanting screenplays.


Michael mrfbrown@hotmail.com

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a complete script about campus politics and love.

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