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18,000 word document

I have quite a story to share. It is my reality as I conceptualize. Emotionalize and understand it. It is magical. It is supernatural. It is trippy. It is scary. It is inspiring. It is beautiful and tragic all in one. There is so much inner world conflict and in between moments with God being the main striving force to my very survival at times. Theres even some horror including a several divine interactions with heavenly bodies, God(s), angels, a horrifying demon. Theres so much story that my 18,000 word memoir of my actual life and all that it holds is overwhelming to write at times. It's all truth. Its mythical. It's my life. It's my life. GOD has even spoken to me and my family. I will not share all the details until I understand what this whole process is. I have written the majority of events, I can do an interview with questions comprised from my writings and directed towards gaining more story. There is always more story developing and happening each day at times. Contact me at apage13590@gmail.com asap. I have the holy grail of a true christian faith story with so much depth and so much I haven't even shared with you... it's such a gift to tell my story... its inspiring I kid you not!!- mark my words 😍

Re: 18,000 word document

I haven't gotten a screenwriter as of yet because I haven't been able to get one. I could potentially see my real life story being an absolute stunner. Theres so much I'm not even joking I am biblical. I will stake my very life upon my claim just to be dramatic to actually garner some attention. I am in the process of healing. And this movie journey is such a huge dream of mine so if I am overly powerful in my passions I apologize with sincerity.