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avaliação/ manuscrito

Dear, I am Cristiane Alves, I have several written manuscripts.
At the moment, I am looking for a production company to read a work of mine that was created to be the Me of All Times and the Spheres of the Universe series. I would like to send the summary of the work. I am already writing the second book in the Eu de Todos Tempos e o Caminho Cigano series. Readers I ask to read and others fall in love with the characters and marvel at the story
In the second book there will be a very wizard cat, which belongs to the witch Brenda who is married to the gypsy Solano, this cat will be charismatic, I'm sure it will win over many people as well as the main characters.
Would you like to know the synopsis?
The characters are English, Colombian and Scottish.
There is another one I am writing, much simpler, but much more current. Anonymity / The Bread Girl.
It is a story that takes place with artists from Hollywood, the internet and a Brazilian saleswoman who is an artist in her spare time. it is a story to touch hearts. The dialogues are devastating, beautiful.
Would you like to know?
It's written in Portuguese
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