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To Find Producer For “THE AYYARS” TV Series

“This is a fantasy story about an Ayyar group. The heroes get involved in adventures to help people against tyranny and survive in a harsh world. Simultaneously, they get in contact with “The Perfect Imagined world”, and then become mediums to flow the life-giving energy of creation to the material world from there.”

Because of the new aspects and elements in this TV Series which have made it unique, we assure you it has worth a few minutes of your precious time to watch the previsualization (of the pilot) via:


Who are Ayyaars?
Ayyars are the group that steals from riches to distribute the wealth between poor people. This group has been well known in the history and culture and literature in the Middle East, Middle Asia, Caucasus and North Africa. In the western culture and literature, we can also find this type of concept, for example the story of Robin Hood and El Zorro.

If you have any questions or need any information we can present other documents like pitch deck, screenplay and ...we are gladly open to be in contact with you.

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