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Raising Father is a TV series in four parts based upon the novel of the same name. It tells the story of billionaire industrialist Henry Gilles who, upon facing his untimely demise, has decided to bypass all moral and ethical precedents and have himself secretly cloned at AccuGen, his medical research company.

Henry’s long estranged and dysfunctional daughters find themselves in line to collect an immeasurable death benefit but they must first accomplish a task set forth by the estate. Desiring that his resurrected self be nurtured by family members rather than by strangers, Gilles insists that the sisters must together successfully raise him to the age of majority in order to receive a shared two billion dollar inheritance. Gillian, a celebrity DJ and internet Meme and her sister Amanda, an agoraphobic shut in, must combat their extreme loathing of their father and his plan. But of greater significance, they must deal with their distaste with the prospects of motherhood as well as their long seated distrust of each other in order to have any chance of success in their appointed task. As unexpected clone caregivers, both sisters encounter the opportunity for life changing personal growth and completion but not without emotional conflict and controversy.

A surprise twist at the end of the pilot allows for a spring board into a second season of compelling drama around the Gilles twins and their clone sons, one of which turns out to be black