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Romantic Fantasy - Between Here and There

Completed Romantic Fantasy: A woman trapped in an unhappy marriage finds Mr. Right and the courage to change her life forever while in a coma.

A woman trapped in an unhappy marriage slips into a coma following a serious automobile accident. While in this coma, she imagines herself in a wonderful dreamscape called BETWEEN HERE AND THERE. Here she finds her Mr Right - The man she has longed for her whole life. Free from the limitations of reality, she and Mr Right enjoy an innocent bliss she hopes will never end. When all hope of her regaining consciousness fade away, her husband has her removed from life support. Sensing mortal danger, Mr Right gives the woman the confidence and courage she needs to wake up, face reality and change her life forever. Her waking is not the end of this story, but the start of a bright new beginning with a happy ending.

This is essentially a Hallmark type MOW or feature movie suitable for a broad audience.