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“ Dreamworld” “Josh’s world of dreams awakens to frightening reality”

Synopsis for the psychological thriller screenplay “ Dreamworld” “Josh’s world of dreams awakens to frightening reality”

Josh Anderson, a young disabled solider, undergoes a radical new therapy to relieve his stressful nightmares. He is constantly haunted by the images of a terrorist suicide bomber who killed hundreds including his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. The new therapy called Dreamworld will hopefully eliminate Josh’s reoccurring nightmares in which he is confronted by the suicide bomber that he saw moments before the suicide bomber entered the restaurant in Kabul and detonated his bomb. Josh the only survivor of the bomb blast is haunted by guilt and depression.

Once inside Dreamworld Josh is sent back in time to happier days of his life, his “SafePlace,” before the suicide bomber haunted his memory and dreams. Dr. Meldon assists Josh through his realistic Dreamworld adventure. All goes well in Dreamworld until Josh meets an attractive waitress Lisa inside of his dreams; she seems too real to be true. She possesses some mysterious power in his dreams and Josh is drawn to her and begins to fall in love with the elusive Lisa.

Dr. Meldon does not believe that Josh could have a real person inhabiting his dreams, so Josh sets out to investigate and to try to find out who this Lisa is or was in real life. As he undergoes more Dreamworld therapy, Josh discovers that Lisa is being manipulated by an evil Professor Drakar, who uses Lisa to enter others dreams and controls his victims to take orders from him and even have his victims commit suicide.

The closer Josh is drawn to Lisa the more dangerous Dreamworld becomes for the two. Drakar is capable of turning any dream into a horrific realistic nightmare, inflicting pain, suffering and death upon his victims in their dreams and in real life. Josh and Lisa team up and use their limited Dreamworld powers to try and stop and destroy the wicked all-powerful Drakar. The dark evil Drakar has the real Lisa imprisoned in a secluded mansion. Josh is intent upon freeing the woman he loves from Drakar. And also saving humanity from this diabolic madman, who is planning on using his evil power through Lisa's imprisoned mind and dream ability, to take control of world leaders through their dreams. Josh, caught in the battle zone between the dream world and the real world.

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