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THE SEED! A series of vignettes

"In the bustling heart of New York, a man navigates the crowded streets of Broadway to attend a groundbreaking ceremony for low-income housing in Central Park. As winter's grip tightens, a chance encounter with a seed sets off a chain of events that spans over a decade.
From the initial ground-breaking to the unexpected growth of a sapling, scenes unfold, weaving together the lives of individuals connected by a mysterious twist of fate. Through seasons and struggles, a homeless couple, a single mother, an artist, a filmmaker, a convict, and a successful businessman find their destinies entwined by a common thread.
The story unfolds like a series of interconnected scenes, revealing the profound impact of chance encounters and the unseen consequences of every word and deed. Ultimately, the narrative explores the idea that every interaction, like a seed planted, has the potential to grow and shape lives in ways we may never fully comprehend."