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2 Novels, "25 Women from my Past" and "25 Men from my Past " 50 Short Comedies

"Is it me? Why haven't I gotten married?

1st Novel: Meet Belinda in this hilarious comedy, where she tells 25 different funny, crazy, scary, and wild unbelievable stories of the men from her past.

2nd Novel: Meet Charles in his undeniable comedy, where he tells 25 unique, funny, crazy, scary, and wild amazing stories of women in his past.

The comedy doesn't stop there. These are "His & Her" books, where you switch books with your partner or friend to double the laughter.

Purpose? Makeup or breakup?

Just one of these stories would make a great movie.

Available on Amazon/E-Kindle, along with my children's book, "The Wonders of Monkey Mac!" which won the Gold Medal Award for the Hollywood Screenplay Contest.