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Family Actions Fantasy Screenplay Available

Based on the novel Timothy Scott: Shadow Island released in March 2020 this is the adapted screenplay from the original manuscript. The project has been pitched as an addition to the market occupied by such novels and ideas as Chronicles Of Narnia, His Dark Materials, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson with an adolescent protagonist and a strong coming-of-age story focusing on core elements of isolation, self-belief and strength against adversity.


When an outcast twelve-year-old discovers a magical world behind his hallway mirror everything changes. Against the odds he must overcome his own insecurities to fight against a dark creature that has haunted his nightmares and is now all too real. To protect his newfound friends he must face his fears and become the hero he does not believe he is.

Pitched audience is 10+ and families with action, character development and story to engage all ages

Screenplay is available, the novel is on general release both in book and audiobook formats with strong support from a wide range of readers across multiple age ranges and niches.